Chemical Exfoliation

Reveal Radiant Skin with Chemical Exfoliation at My Wellness Express Medspa

What Is Chemical Exfoliation

Chemical exfoliation, also known as chemical peels, is a non-surgical skincare treatment that involves the application of specialized chemical solutions to the skin's surface. These solutions gently remove dead skin cells, stimulate collagen production, and reveal fresh, rejuvenated skin underneath. Chemical exfoliation is safe and FDA-approved, offering a wide range of benefits for various skin concerns.

Common Skin Concerns Treated with Chemical Exfoliation

  • Acne and acne scars
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Sun damage and age spots
  • Uneven skin tone and texture
  • Hyperpigmentation and melasma
  • Dull or congested skin

The Chemical Exfoliation Procedure

Chemical exfoliation is a relatively quick procedure, and downtime is minimal. Most clients can resume their regular activities shortly after treatment. While you may experience some temporary redness or peeling, this is a normal part of the skin's renewal process.

Our skilled practitioner will select the appropriate chemical solution based on your skin type and concerns. The solution is carefully applied to the treatment area, and you may experience a mild tingling sensation. Over the following days, the old skin will slough off, revealing the fresh, revitalized skin beneath.

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